Live Baccarat Tips

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Don't play when you are under the influence. After a night out, it may seem like a great idea to play a few hands of baccarat. However, being drunk or otherwise intoxicated at the betting table can have a seriously damaging effect on your wallet, as it skews your judgement and makes you very impulsive. If you must play after a night out, choose a free play game so that you don't do anything you will regret in the morning.

Bet What You Can Afford

Do not bet what you can't afford to lose. Risking your money at the baccarat table is all very well and good if you have money to burn, and if you are lucky, you could walk away with a lot more than you put in. However, you should never bet money that you require for things such as bills, rent, or other essentials, as there is a good chance you will lose it with no hope of getting it back in time.

Read Strategy Guides

Read some strategy guides. While there is no single baccarat strategy that can be guaranteed to win on a consistent basis, there are a few systems that can improve your winnings, or cushion your losses, in certain circumstances. Therefore, it is worth making yourself aware of all the most popular baccarat strategies before you take to the table, as in the right circumstances, it could give you the edge over other player.

Ask The Dealer

Don't be afraid to ask the dealer. The dealers at live baccarat tables are obliged to know the game inside out, so if you have any questions about rules or strategy, don't be afraid to ask the dealer using the live chat function. If you have any questions that you do not feel have been adequately answered, or have some kind of dispute with the dealer, you can always call in the pit boss to clear matters up.

Get Ahead, Then Quit

Quit while you are ahead. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a 'lucky streak'.

You have the same chance of winning at the start of every hand, regardless of previous results; so if you are up by a reasonable amount, get out of the game. This is the only betting strategy with a proven record of improving long-term winnings. Likewise, if you are down by a certain amount, don't keep playing to chase your losses. If you have a plan in place before the start of the game and stick to it, then you will always do better than if you behave impulsively.

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