Jackpot 247 stars

  • One of the best live roulette offerings on the web!
  • A £400 bonus using promo code: 'BUMPER'!
  • Available on UK television - increasing the excitement!
  • Great customer service, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Jackpot 247 VIP Club

Everybody wants to be treated like a VIP by their casino and Jackpot 247 has embraced that desire with the advent of their Jackpot 247 VIP Club. This club is a way for Jackpot 247 to reward their most loyal and regular customers; the players who play very often and return time and time again to the casino. Whether or not you are invited into the Jackpot 247 VIP Club also has nothing to do with whether you are betting thousands of pounds every day or sticking to the minimum bets. The club is not necessarily for high rollers but for those who continue to return to the casino on a regular basis.

Live online casinos really have to be on their game nowadays as there is so much choice and so many other casinos which players can choose over theirs. This has created a great deal of competition and casinos are offering fantastic promotions such as the VIP Club from Jackpot 247. Everybody wants to feel like a valued customer and that is exactly what Jackpot 247 are aiming to do by rewarding their most loyal players in this way.


There are many benefits to becoming a VIP member at Jackpot 247; one of the best of these is that the casino will deposit random cash giveaways into the accounts of some of their VIP members. There are also randomly awarded monthly prizes available exclusively to VIP members as well as free exclusive merchandise. Jackpot 247 VIP Club members will also benefit from no strings attached bonus cash offers which are sure to improve any player’s bankroll - something LiveCasinos.co.uk feels is always welcome. Also, the casino will be rewarding players on their birthday just make them feel that little bit more special. All great reasons to sign up for Jackpot 247 and start playing their fantastic casino games.

How to become a VIP at Jackpot 247

Jackpot 247 have a team of staff dedicated to monitoring their most active players and will issue invitations to the VIP Club once they have met the relevant criteria. Joining is optional, but when players receive that personal e-mail from the VIP Manager offering you access to VIP Club with all of its additional bonuses, promotions and prizes, very few will see fit to refuse. This is a fantastic way of being rewarded for simply enjoying your time as a Jackpot 247 player. Continue to play games such as Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack and simply let the VIP Manager come to you and offer you access to the VIP Club. What could be easier?

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