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Jackpot 247 Live Roulette Games

Roulette Nation

Roulette nation is the hugely popular Live Roulette offering from Jackpot 247. The show airs 24 hours a day live on Jackpot 247.com and also at various times on different TV channels - see our TV schedule section for full details of times.

From 10 PM to 3 o'clock in the morning a live presenter operates the game and often refers to the players at home who are doing particularly well. You can even send messages and questions to the presenters during the show which means that a bit of light-hearted banter is never too far away. Roulette nation is probably the most popular TV Roulette offering available at the moment and certainly worth looking into.

Roulette Nation Express

Roulette Nation Express is an even faster and more exhilarating version of the standard Roulette Nation game from Jackpot 247. Spinning exactly every one minute, there are lots of opportunities to place your bets and win chips with this game. Live dealers are available to operate the table and presenters are also present at various times of the day. LiveCasinos.co.uk knows that this version of Roulette Nation is great for both experienced players and new ones as the game operates fast enough to keep everybody interested, but not so fast that new players cannot keep up.

Get Set Roulette

Get Set Roulette is a fully automated Roulette wheel operating 24 hours a day for players who like their Roulette action fast and consistent. There are no presenters or live dealers with this version of Jackpot 247 Roulette, just a high-tech autowheel repeatedly spinning and generating winning numbers. The wheel is 100% reliable and operates just like a standard Roulette wheel ; it is not controlled by a computer and has a RNG level fitted, meaning the results are genuine and the wheel continues to produce results at regular intervals.

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